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Hugh Laurie on Atheism

"I find my atheism is becoming more marked with each passing year. I once prided myself on a relaxed and respectful attitude to other people's beliefs, but I'm finding it harder to keep that up. I might find myself taking a tougher line with people about certain beliefs that are so painfully nonsensical. Because nonsense is not endearing or eccentric anymore - it's causing death, destruction, and endless torment for millions of people around the world."
- Hugh Laurie

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Dead Eyes


Fotograaf: "Nu even lachen."
Dennis: *lacht*
Fotograaf: "Kom op, lachen!"
Dennis: *lacht nog meer*
Fotograaf: "Een klein beetje meer..."
Dennis: *lacht en begint te fronsen*
Fotograaf: "Je lacht met je mond, maar niet met je ogen...!"
Dennis: *sterft een beetje van binnen*


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We buried my grandmother today. She was almost 91 years old and survived three of her children and most of her friends. It was good to see a bunch of my family members again, who seem to be getting better at keeping things civil for an hour or two. Lots of them I only get to see during funerals, which I'm fine with, as it may contribute to their civility. No fights, no police, just tears and laughter.

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I have had the same winter jacket for more than 10 years now. I love this jacket, and with the exception of having the zipper replaced a couple of years ago, it has held up very well. Unfortunately, I think this might be the last season I'm going to be wearing it. It's starting to look a little ratty here and there. I'm not particularly happy with it, but I think it is time.

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Kkr Hard

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