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Ghost in the Shell: Identity in Space

This video helped me understand a few things that I've come to notice over time.

I recollect very clearly how Eva and I once went to see the Takeshi Kitano vehicle Brother in the cinema once. There was a scene in the film that was a shot of two men in the back of a limousine, one looking out the window at the city passing him by, the other stoically staring at nothing in front of him, only stirring to brush a noticed bit of fluff from his leg. A group of people behind us just didn't get the pacing, the stillness, the pointlessness of the scene, while I loved it.

One of my favourite scenes in Ghost in the Shell, is a scene that adds nothing to the story, except to add some mood to the film by showing some disconnected shots of the city. I love everything about that sequence, but I was never able to put my finger on why it was so special and why it was so different.

Now I do. It's aspect-to-aspect, rather than action-to-action.

Action-to-action is the transition from one shot to another that drives the story forward, from one goal-driven action to another goal-driven action. This is something that's most often used in Western visual storytelling media, like cinema and comic books, while Eastern (specifically Japanese) storytelling often uses aspect-to-aspect transitions, where the story isn't driven forward, just the perception, which helps to explore the space the scene plays out in.


Fuck This Day

Nothing like being a massive disappointment to those who structurally take you for granted. I'm going to skip training, take a bath and go to bed.

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I Earned My Blue Belt Today

Blue Belt

I started doing no-gi BJJ in 2008. After about eight months I transitioned to MMA, but I always liked the ground game better. Late 2010 I finally bought a gi. It took me a while to actually start training with the gi, but finally transitioned away from MMA in mid-2011.

Tonight, four years later, I finally earned my blue belt. Hell yeah.

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Fuse, Live in Concert

Yesterday, I was treated to a concert by Fuse, an ensemble I knew nothing about. I was overwhelmed at how great I thought their music was. It's hard to describe. Jazz, funk, classical, neo-classical, all kind of rolled up into one. They played a piece called Hammers, written by Nils Frahm, and I thought it was amazing. Simply amazing.

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Rolled Well

Both Cesario and Ravio said I rolled well today!

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