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I just came back from seeing Interstellar and I thought it was very gripping, with an amazing set up, a bit of a predictable twist and a disappointing closing act. There are just so many nuggets of awesome in that film. The one thing I would have liked, is if it had been a little clearer that the wormhole near Saturn wasn't the same as Gargantua, the super-massive black hole on the other side of the worm hole.

The film is getting a ton of shit online by some for being too cerebral, by others for being not cerebral enough and by a small few for getting the science wrong. I'm sure that in a few decades we'll look back upon this film in the same way we look back on older films and laugh at how much they got wrong.

All in all, I liked it a lot.

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Single Bed

There is something soothing and uncomplicated in sleeping in a single bed. This coming from someone who has had a double bed since he was thirteen. It's probably the confinement or something.

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Spawn: The Recall (Fan Film)

This fan film is amazingly well done. Much better than the 1997 movie.


Great Aussie Saying

We got an old saying out bush; sometimes life gets you down, all you can do is put on a brave smile, take a fuck load of MDMA, then you're walking distance from the beach. Don't matter where you live, you do enough MDMA you're walking distance from a beach. Just don't forget a towel.


Low-Carb vs Low-Fat Diets

It's been debated to death for years, but the scales are tipping in favour of a low-carb diet as opposed to a low fat one. The latest studies, done by the American National Institute of Health show that people favouring a low-carb diet have better cholesterol, better body-fat percentage and more muscle mass. Read more here: A Call for a Low-Carb Diet That Embraces Fat