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Robin Being Funny

Reminder: "Joasia kan je niet heet wassen."

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Justified Finale – We Dug Coal Together

Leaving Harlan County

I watched the Justified finale yesterday and was once again amazed at how this show has fascinated and entertained me for all these seasons. The cast of characters is so rich and even the smaller roles are well written and all but the very smallest characters get some serious time in the sun.

In the first season, Raylan, a federal marshal, is transferred from Miami, FL back to Harlan, KT after the fatal but justified shooting of a suspect. The primary reason is for him to take down a notorious criminal and his one-time friend, Boyd Crowder. Their acquaintance started before Raylan became a marshal, because "Boyd and I dug coal together," he says in the pilot episode.

After seasons of circling each other, Raylan finally puts Boyd in jail. Boyd swears vengeance on Raylan and his fiancé, Ava, who betrayed him. Ava flees the law and is found by Raylan many years later. He decides to not bring her in as it looks like she turned her life around and made a new beginning.

Knowing that Boyd will one day come looking for her, he decides to visit the jail where Boyd is locked up to spin a tale of Ava's death. Divided by a pane of jailhouse glass, talking to each other through a phone, Boyd wonders aloud why after all these years Raylan came to tell this news to him in person.

"Well, I suppose if I allow myself to be sentimental, despite all that's occurred, there is one thing I wander back to..." Raylan starts.

Boyd thinks he knows why. "Because we dug coal together."

"That's right," Raylan says.

And so the show comes to a powerful, emotional though hillbilly end.


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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer


Injuries,… Again

About a week and a half ago someone performed a "can opener" on me at training, which only really works on beginners, but regardless it hurts very much. I ended up tapping the guy out, but still, several days later, my neck and left shoulder were still sore.

It's so bad that for the first few days I had a hard time doing anything but laying down. Sitting or standing ended up getting painful after a few seconds, as tension in my neck turned to pain that flared all the way to my elbow.

Now, ten days later, it's still painful and I'm taking pain killers in order to be able to work a full day without going crazy, but it's getting better. Anyway, needed to get that off my chest. Thanks.

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Writing for a Table-Top Role Playing Game

When preparing for a table-top role playing game session, you end up writing a lot. Whether in detail or just in basic outlines, there's a lot of stuff that comes pouring out of you. You try to write for several possible scenarios, leaving enough options to improvise and adjust to the many varied ways in which your players can approach things, but inevitably they manage to find to hit upon something you didn't see coming. This is nothing but fun, but sometimes you stumble upon such a cool story concept while you're meandering through the different options, that you can't help but fall in love with a particular story you've come up with. Now, 80% of what you write you'll never need, and that's fine, but when you find that one story that you find superhard to let go of, you have to be extra careful not to start railroading your players. Guess what? I just stumbled upon such a storyline. I'll be really, really, really disappointed if they don't come across this.

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